2016 Pecan Year


Today, I sold a majority of my 2016 pecan crop. This was a short year for me. I was not able to participate in it completely. In preparation for the sale, each pecan passed thru my Meyers blower which removed the pecans which had not completely developed. They then passed into the Myers sizer which sorted each nut by size and placed them in their appropriate burlap bag. This process, although it is good, it is not perfect, some imperfect pecans get thru from blower to sizer. This was pointed out to me by the buyer. The price was reduced when he found the imperfect pecans. You know, that is the way life goes. We work really hard to do good, striving for the perfect life. But, try as we might, to weed out the flaws in life some still slip by. I find that I judge myself harshly when this happens. I hope for your sake, dear reader, that you are not judgmental when you find flaws in your shell.

Wishing you the best,

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