2018-2019 Pawnee Select Pecans available

The 2018-2019 pecan year has had a slow start.  This year the late October raines combined with last years bumper crop, has negatively impacted the pecans in Taylor County.  Thus far, a few smaller pecans have come in.  However, the quality and quantity leaves much to be desired.  With the addition  of  weather related crop production from other pecan states such as Georgia and Mississippi combined with the Trump Tariffs on China the result is a soft pecan market.  Here at Abilene Pecan, I find myself continuously searching for high quality, larger pecans, at reasonable prices. This years crop has made achieving that goal a challenge.  As always, it is the goal of Abilene Pecan to provide quality service at reasonable  prices for all your pecan needs. We would remind all that if you have pecans to sell please call 325-370-1022  or come by 449 E/South 11th. One additional note: I have purchased a limited amount of Pawnee pecans.  I have shelled and vacuum sealed these pecans.  They are now available for purchase.

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