Shelled 2017 pecans are here.


I have a few 2017 Wichita Pecans shelled and ready for purchase. They will add that special crunch to your holiday treats. The pieces are $9 and halves are $10 per pound. Remember, these golden nuggets are this years crop. They are vacuum sealed to preserve freshness. They are ready for the freezer or immediate use. These beauties won’t last long, Call 325-370-1022 to order yours before they are gone.

If you have pecans to sell, call Randy Billings 325-370-1022. You will be glad you did. I don’t want to buy all the pecans just yours.

If you have your pecans you want shelled, I have a Savage cracker with the capacity to crack up to 400 nuts per minute. I can adjust the crack pressure to yield the maximum number of pecan halves. My Dial sheller is the top of the line and does a good job of separating the nuts into two halves and don’t forget my Meyers Blower to remove those loose shells. This is a great setup and for only $1 per pound it is a bargain. My goal is to provide you with a high percentage of halves.


  1. Just arrived, 2017 Burketts, medium sized. That round nut with the heart shaped kernel. It is a delight to cook with, a mild flavor that puts a smile on your face. I plan to start shelling these beauties tomorrow and will have them available in a few days. If you would like to have some of these pecans for for your holiday cooking 325 call 370 for 1022 more information. In Shell they are $2 per pound or when cleaned and vacuum sealed they will be $10. Also some 2016 vacuum sealed pecans remain for $6 lb. if interested.

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